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brichibi said: This is going to be longer, right?

naw i dont think so… i only made that clip to make fun of that one episode with ebi

the following lyrics in the song dont really fit with the direction i went with ;v;

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mondaynightsky:ur tumblr famous now rookie how u feel

omg no im not

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05 Feb 2013
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i can explain—

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This is the most heterosexual episode of Persona 4 ever.

Straight guys doing straight guy things (this is really well done in the dub, too).

i think the best part about this is that the song that plays during this scene is called “I Wish”

let that sink in a little

Song: Reach Out to the Hoop
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Reach Out to The Hoop

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just because its your birthday doesnt mean you can be late for work adachi…

i mean its not like a murderer is going to want to take a break just because its your birthday

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Souji is just being a weirdo by making a wiggly finger worm at Adachi because apparently he hates worms.

brichibi:I just... I saw the cute Kanji and Naoto one, then the Persona/Zelda crossover, and I see that Yu/Souji as Izanagi and Yosuke and Jiraiya and... just... it's a really cute style, it puts a smile on my face :)

ahhhh— i saw your caption for the kanji/naoto one and its super cute afsjkldjlgksfda

lies down in a puddle of happy feels youre killing me

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Man I see some of my friends reblogging Storm’s art and I’m all like ‘ah, they’re reblogging Storm’s art.’ And I feel like that proud friend of a celebrity like ‘ah see Storm’s really great, I’m proud to know that person.’

And I’m


oMG SAMMISSHHhhh //gives you all the hugs♥♥♥

im rly happy that u are happy flkdsajfklfa lets just be super happy friends yesyes ♥

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brichibi:Your art is too precious, I have to follow you now, sorry for my spazzy inconvenience >.<

omg no thats not an inconvenience at all its an honor that you like my stuff enough to follow me
because holy cow someone likes my art enough to put up with me on their dash??? thats like
i dont even know but thank you so much????

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